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AOD announces MoU with Chaudhary Group of Nepal

Design For Sustainable Development Foundation (DFSD), a subsidiary of AOD/Design Corp Group of Companies signs a MOU with the Chaudhary Foundation, a subsidiary of the Chaudhary Group, in setting up an initiative for the joint development of craft into lifestyle fashion and other related products.

Over the next decade, AOD and the Chaudhary Foundation would pool their domain expertise to undertake design, development and manufacturing of a range of products from both Sri Lanka and Nepal for export to western markets, starting with Canada and the US. Initially, the partnership would facilitate design, innovation and product development of related products.

Linda Speldewinde, Chairperson - AOD / Design Corp (Left) & Surabhi Chaudhary, Director - Chaudhary Foundation / Chaudhary Group (Right)

AOD/Design Corp. Chairperson Linda Speldewinde said she believes the significance of this partnership with the Chaudhary Foundation lies in the shared sense of values and an appreciation of the enormous business opportunities that the market affords for crafts and the potential livelihood creation in the region.

“This MOU will help leverage the combined capabilities, connecting AOD’s expertise in product creation and grassroot level manufacturing with the expertise of the Chaudhary Foundation, in craft and the landmark Unnati Cultural Village project, along with raw material of yarns that are unique to the Himalayan Kingdom and with global potential to create export products. This partnership further aligns with AOD’s long-term intent to scale business and expand its presence as a catalyst for design exports in South Asia and a vision to be the regional hub for South Asian Design Education,” Speldewinde added.

Chaudhary Foundation/Chaudhary Group Director Surabhi Chaudhary said: “There’s significant opportunities to leverage the growing reach of Nepal Craft to build a differentiated proposition in lifestyle products and related categories. Nepal has been at the crux of knowledge, craft and exchange between South East Asian countries and the rest of Asia.

“Due to prolonged exposure to the constant flow of synergies, Nepal’s own craft can be described as a product of immersive, inclusive yet diverse form. Our vision and objectives for both internal capacity and sustainable development for artisans and creating an inclusive South Asian network for craft promotion is very much aligned. To formalise and kick start this process an MOU is the right way forward. The Chaudhary Foundation is delighted to give formalisation to this process.”

AOD brings impeccable capabilities and a track record in designed products in this space. This collaboration between the Chaudhary Foundation and AOD would deepen AOD’s strategic commitment to grassroot and unique design exports leveraging Design for Sri Lankan and South Asian Craft from the region for export. AOD’s Design for Sustainable Development Foundation (DFSD) and the Chaudhary Foundation are both excited at the prospects of leveraging our joint synergies to deliver great potential from the region, for design exports.

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