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Sri Lanka Apparel, EDB in partnership with AOD hosts ‘Design & Source – Sri Lanka’

Updated: May 18, 2022

Sri Lanka Design Festival (SLDF) organised by AOD, the national platform for design led industries such as apparel, has forged a powerful partnership with the Joint Apparel Association Forum (JAAF SL) and the Export Development Board Sri Lanka (EDB) to share the local fashion industry’s ground-breaking initiatives with the world. 📷

Recognising the importance of SLDF to elevate the local apparel industry to the global spotlight, the EDB and the Joint Apparel Association Forum has partnered the event as Key Stakeholders. Here, EDB and JAAF SL will work together with SLDF to map out the best of the local fashion industry through a series of exhibitions, factory visits, B2B meetings, runways and forums. 

JAAF SL and EDB are also hosting a highly focused delegation of buyers from Europe and South America to SLDF in order to become part of this exciting string of events. The outcomes of this partnership aim to deliver a new interest in doing business with Sri Lankan fashion and an updated perception on the industry’s revolutionary new measures for sustainability, fashion manufacturing and especially, design. 

Sri Lanka Design Festival supported by the EDB and the JAAF SL will be held 27, 28 and 29 November at SLECC under the theme ‘Design & Source – Sri Lanka’ highlighting the strengths of the apparel industry and its design capabilities.

The Export Development Board Sri Lanka (EDB) and the Joint Apparel Association Forum (JAAF SL) have maintained a close relationship with AOD and Sri Lanka Design Festival since its inception in 2009. Now in its seventh year, the festival works closely with the EDB and JAAF SL on a wider agenda that allows highlighting the full spectrum of the local apparel industry’s unique strengths from sustainable manufacturing, integrating innovation and design into the process, working hand-in-hand with the supply chain and taking the leadership to initiate social sustainability through their business.  

This year at SLDF the agenda of events presented by JAAF SL and EDB includes an exhibition curated especially to highlight the new design and innovation that is coming through the industry. Another important aspect of the agenda includes taking the international delegates on an interactive tour to the award-winning green apparel factories in the island; this allows delegates to get a first-hand insight of the factories, their sustainable processes and green technology. 📷

As part of SLDF this special programme by JAAF SL and EDB, also gives the international delegates access to the SLDF runways that highlight the creative innovation that is currently coming out of Sri Lankan fashion. 

Joint Apparel Association Forum SL Chairman Azeem Ismail mentioned that this programme has a big deliverable for the entire nation: “I think our development integrating design and innovation is one that will cement our position as a fashion hub in South Asia. So, I believe events such as this, that play an important part of the future we’re trying to embrace as an industry will speed up our journey.”

Speaking about the significance of the partnership with the EDB and JAAF SL, the SLDF founder Linda Speldewinde stated that it is extremely important for authorities like the Export Development Board and the Joint Apparel Association Forum to work closely with the festival in reaching their common goal of elevating design driven businesses; “Our relationship with the EDB, apparel industry and JAAF SL goes a long way and we’re quite fortunate to have national authorities that recognise the importance of what we do and what it delivers for Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan apparel industry and their outstanding commitment to being current, design driven, innovative and sustainable bear a worldwide significance. Simultaneously, out apparel industry bears a major significance as the biggest export earner for the nation. Therefore it gives us great honour to make SLDF a platform to this massive industry that is leagues ahead in their business considering the rest of the world, and at the same time touches millions of Sri Lankan lives. What we’re presenting with EDB and JAAF SL this year is a culmination of our efforts to elevate the industry for seven years and we have a fantastic international delegation lined-up to witness it. The outcomes of this partnership will not only impact the apparel industry or exports, but Sri Lanka as a whole.”

With Sri Lanka solidifying its position as the fashion and apparel hub of the South Asian region and standing strong in its commitment to sustainability, value and design integration, the ‘Design and Source Sri Lanka’ programme by JAAF SL and EDB at SLDF 2015 will play the pivotal role in deciding the future of this industry. 

SLDF 2015’s is supported by Sri Lanka Apparel, the Export Development Board along with Brandix and MAS holdings as principal fashion industry patrons. SLDF is also supported by Coats Thread- Official Thread & Zip Partner as a key supporter. The event is also supported by Mercedes-Benz powered by Dimo, SriLankan Airlines – the official airline and Wijeya Newspapers’ Daily FT, Daily Mirror and Sunday Times as official print media. The event is also supported by Mount Lavinia Hotel as the official host. SLDF was founded by AOD.

Sri Lanka Design Festival will be launched to the local business community on 26th November and remain open to the public on 27, 28 and 29 November at the Sri Lanka Exhibition & Convention Centre. For more information


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